How to Prevent Potential Sales From Slipping Through the Cracks

Posted by Chris Sharp on Dec 5, 2018 8:00:00 AM
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It’s rare to get a prospect’s attention on the very first outreach attempt. More often than not, a sales rep will need to reach out again, and again … and again. Persistence is a virtue in sales. Most sales experts espouse making between six and 10 attempts before giving up on a prospect. Abandoning prospects too soon could leave money on the table.

But how can a sales rep keep all their assorted prospects and outreach attempts straight? Depending the number of leads a salesperson is working at any given time, trying to remember to call Company X on Tuesday, Organization Y on Friday, Business Z on Monday, and sending check-up emails on Thursday, Wednesday, and Saturday is all but impossible.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the CRM took this memory game off sales reps’ plates? With the right system, this isn’t just a pleasant dream -- it’s a reality.

Many modern CRMs include task modules that automatically alert sales reps of who to follow up with and when. Salespeople can simply set a reminder, and forget it.

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Use a CRM to stay on top of where prospects are at in the Buyer's Journey.

When the time rolls around to reach out again, reps also benefit from having all prior contact attempts at their fingertips (HubSpot CRM automatically saves and logs voicemails and emails), as well as any buyer interactions that have taken place in the interim. With the right context at hand, salespeople can tailor their follow-ups based on what the buyer’s done and what’s already been said.

As outreach becomes more and more personalized, reps become more likely to receive a response, not less.


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