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Posted by Jack Wilkinson on Oct 17, 2018 7:00:00 AM
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Our totally awesome intern, Emily, went back to school -- but before she left, she interviewed me. I thought it might be interesting to share. It gives a pretty good snapshot of my approach to sales and marketing.

Emily: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

Jack: No problem.

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Emily: How did you arrive where you are today?

Jack: A lot of hard work. I know its kind of a cliché, but nothing substitutes for hard work. You have to take what you do seriously and always try to achieve the best results you can – no exceptions. By doing that, you will bring value to the table for your employer and clients, as well as establish a reputation for consistent, high-quality work.

Emily: What did you learn along the way?

Jack: The details matter. The difference between showing up a minute early and showing up a minute late is only a couple of minutes – but in terms of how others perceive you, they can be light years apart. Show up early. Respond to emails and calls quickly. Spell check everything. Pay attention to the little things, because they can make a huge difference.

Emily: What were some of the biggest challenges that you faced?


Jack is a sales and marketing professional with over twenty years experience.

Jack: As a sales and marketing pro, the first big hurdle you face is dealing with rejection and negativity. When you are constantly asking for consideration, a lot of people will turn you down. Instead of letting that bum you out, seek to understand why they say no. What motivates them? What are the challenges they face? What does it mean to them to be successful? Why are you not a part of that plan? The answers to these questions are important and helpful.

Emily: What are some of your current challenges you face in this career?

Jack: Staying on top of the latest technology and techniques. The marketing world moves fast. I set aside time each week to learn about new tools and techniques of the trade so that I can continually expand my skillset. I have to try be willing to try new things, examine the data, and make adjustments. Staying flexible and keeping an open-mind is critical in all professions, but especially in marketing.

Emily: What were your biggest accomplishments while in this career?

Jack: The greatest accomplishments in my mind are the times when I have been asked to speak to groups or give presentations about marketing. It’s a sign that my contributions matter; that my work and ability is worthy of respect. Whenever you are looked at as a thought leader, you are doing something right.

Emily: What specific skills do you need to be successful in your career?

Jack: Good work ethic, highly-responsive nature, orientation to detail, the ability to collaborate – and shoshin“beginner’s mind”. You need to be open, eager, and willing to throw away everything you think you know.


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