The Different Types of Graphic Design (And Why They Matter)

Posted by Joe Hektor on Mar 28, 2019 8:00:00 AM
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We are surrounded by graphic design. It comes in a variety of manifestations, but regardless of it's specific nature, you can be sure the goal of graphic design is to inform, entertain and engage. Each type of design is created in a specific way for its specific use. Here are a couple of types of graphic design and how they are used.

Marketing and Advertising is the one of the most common forms of graphic design. You typically see this type of graphic design in newspaper, magazine and web ads, email campaigns, flyers, postcards, posters, and brochures.

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Brand identity is the way an organization or person projects their distinct personality visually. A company’s brand identity is the face of the company and consists of its logo, design elements, typefaces, color palette, and use of layout and design.

User Experience (UX) design consists of the design of the aesthetics and experience of a device or application for its user. This type of design focuses on delivering a pleasurable, consistent interaction between you and the product. 

Publication design is the use of imagery, typography, and layout in a publication, such as a newspaper, magazine, book, e-book, or brochure.

Graphic Designer Using a Stylus

Graphic designers inform, entertain and engage in unique and specific ways.

Packaging design consists of all aspects of a products packaging from the label to the shape, function, and material of the package. Package design needs to be both visually pleasing, functional and it must tie in with the company’s brand.    

Motion design has become more popular with the proliferation of the internet, faster download speeds and increased use of mobile devices. Motion design consists of the design of animated advertisements, motion on a website, an animated logo, presentation, or even the motion in a videogame or app.  

Environmental design consists of the aesthetics and experience of a physical location, such as a store, office space, museum, or even outdoors. Environmental design can be used to communicate information or create a look and feel for a location through the use of signage, murals, architecture, color, and lighting.

Illustration is a type of design that is used to help inform, convey a story or just be visually pleasing. These illustration designs are usually created by other designers as part of a collaborative design in advertising, packaging, publication, environmental or other types of design.

Photo Editing isn’t commonly thought of as a type of graphic design, but with the increased use of digital photography and photo manipulation software photo editing is being used as a less expensive alternative to traditional photography. A photo editing designer can touch up photos, correct mistakes, or create complete compositions out of separate images.

Now that you know a bit more about the types of graphic design that exist, you will be more aware of them and how they are meant to affect your daily life and influence your behavior.

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