What to Look For in a Graphic Designer

Posted by Joe Hektor on Feb 6, 2019 8:00:00 AM
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These days, you can't throw a rock without hitting someone who thinks of themselves as a "graphic designer". The proliferation of design software and stock imagery has brought a flood of people calling themselves "graphic designers" to an already crowded market. These graphic designers vary in skill, talent, and cost, but they are all out there and eager to compete for work.
If you need a graphic designer who can consistently provide value and quality, you should look for designers who offer a more holistic approach to your marketing needs. Search for designers who recognize how to use their skills and experience to leverage consistent messaging and branding. In the long run, this consistency is what will help your organization grow into a successful future. 

How do I know this? From firsthand experience. Early in my graphic design career, I focused on just the design aspect of serving clients, doing the best I could with the material and message I was given to design deliverables that I thought would meet the clients' needs. I was eager to satisfy the client with whatever they wanted.

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A graphic designer should guide the client and show them the value of high-quality visual assets.

Once I became more secure in my abilities, I started to recognize clients could be more effectively communicate with prospects and customers by being consistent with high-quality branding and messaging. I would bring this to their attention and for the most part, they were appreciative. But sometimes they would disagree and insist on what they wanted. In these instances, I would take the time to have a conversation with them and explain the long-term value that is created with consistent messaging.

Through my patient consulting and education of the clients, I built up a trust that allowed me to do more meaningful work that benefited the client and connected them with more customers. I was doing the same amount of work, but it became more valuable.

A good graphic designer must be able to guide clients and offer sound advice about what adds value to their brand and message. On a basic level, this means educating the client on logo file types, resolution, image cropping and use of space. But at a higher altitude, that means guiding the client on how to incorporate a consistent look, feel and messaging across all their communication channels. This increases the value of the designers work and builds a relationship of trust with the client.

So don't just look for a designer who produces pretty work. Search for and find a designer who will help you leverage your brand's message consistently and evenly across the channels that touch your customers. You will be glad that you did.

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